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In order to work with your insurance carrier you must provide them permission to speak with us (via email or call & leave a voicemail or voice to voice contact) to let them you know that you have requested information from us and that they have permission to speak with us. Every carrier has different qualifications for vendors (in this case Nomad RV Rentals) to submit invoices, etc. If for any reason you decide not to move forward with Nomad RV Rentals, please contact us via email with a cc to your insurance company stating that you are NOT moving forward with Nomad RV Rentals and need to cancel all permission

Do you give Nomad Rentals permission to speak with your insurance carrier regarding the Loss of Use/Additional Living Expenses (ALE) on your policy?
Does your home have water?
Does your home have electricity?
Do you have a generator to run a rental unit?
How severe is the damage in the interior of your home?

Thanks for submitting!

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